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Exclusive interview with EniGmA V captain “Omar ‘Proud’ Al Hory” on his team’s latest accomplishments

Jordanian Esports team “EniGmA V” is considered to be one of the most talented Call of Duty teams in the Middle East region, and it might have the best tactics and skills out there. We had the chance to sit down and chat with the team’s leader Mr. Omar Al Hory (or as he likes to call himself ‘Proud’) and discuss some questions that many amateur players  have in mind regarding Esports, and how it’s constantly growing in the region.

  • First off i’d like to welcome you Mr.Omar with us here today. Introduce yourself to our fans in the way you like

My name’s Omar Redwan Al Hory, Age 19, from Jordan. I study Computer networks security and engineering, and have played competitive Call of Duty for 4 years. I’m now the Co owner of EngimaV team. I play six to seven hours everyday.. and my job in the team is AR Slayer. I like to drink lots of coffee and don’t forget the pizza 😀

  • Your team managed to perform well at the recent Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 tournament in UAE and you got the second place after a tough fight with Team Valour. It has been undoubtedly a hectic few weeks enough to make them signature in your journey aren’t they? Describe your experience with your teams reaching this high of a level

Of course they were. After EnGimA V got the second place, there has been an increasing activity on our social networks pages. However that wasn’t enough for us, as we aimed for the first place and fought for it. But still, we’re quite happy with the second place and it felt great. Not great for the team only, but also for having this kind of tournaments in the region and playing an official Activision sponsored event!

  • Let’s go back a little here. How did EniGmA V start as a team? And what made you think of competing on this level of events?

EnGimA V started in Black Ops 2 as the best Jordanian 4v4 team. Before that, we were viewers of professionals over at the United States like Optic Gaming playing these games as their careers! This became our dream as well to compete on this level!

  • Competitive video gaming.. do you see it as a career you’ll take or is it just a phase in your life?

In the Middle East eSports are considered to be not that important in my opinion, but there are many huge companies that are making efforts like ESME and such. Personally, I want this 70$ game to be my main job, either by being a professional gamer or any other technical job related to it. I wish this new sport would be my future job, and i’m working for that. Who knows, maybe Esports will become a part of our lives in the near future as studies say!

  • Now that your team’s name has become among the biggest names in the Middle East what are the routines you do to organize your training professionally to maintain your performance, and are you thinking of expanding into other games like Overwatch for example?

As a captain for this team, I have to say that our time was so tight and we couldn’t train but for two months (because of private reasons), this is considered bad because for a game like Call of Duty you need a high level of focusing and constant training! I managed thanks to my experience in the game to train the team that had no experience to a team that beat most other teams! This wouldn’t have been possible if not for the high spirit of the team! We trained daily for 6-7 hours, with specific strategies that we followed. This is what we were as a team and it came to fruitation when we won the second place. Our forth player couldn’t come to the tournament because of a problem with his Visa, but we didn’t give up and had strong belief! So we found another player here in UAE to play with us.

As for Overwatch I personally consider it to be a killer title on the Esports field! I look forward to have an Overwatch team in the future!

  • What are your views on the competitive gaming scene in the Middle East and your notes on it? And how did your parents react to your decision of playing professionally?

In my opinion, the competitive scene in the ME is starting to grow! This growth is something we didn’t see coming in the past years! Thankfully, with the support of many companies we now became a market to be considered!

My parents have always been supportive of me becoming a professional, because i’ve always organized my time between studying and playing. It was hard for me, but I thank god for the trust my family and friends had in me that motivated me to become a well known player in the region!

  • So what is the next step for EnGimAV team? Did you start training on Infinite Warfare?

Currently there are no plans for the team but we are surely going on. The Infinite Warfare lineup will be announced in the coming few weeks.

  • Any funny moments you can share with us?

I was pretty excited when we won Team Vipers at the Semi Finals and you can see that on the stream 😀

  • Any last words and advices to those welling to become professional players from your experience?

My journey as an Esports player started just like any normal guy, I didn’t know anything about it! However, the secret isn’t really hidden, it was the TIME. Managing your time is the essential thing if you want to make it in Esports! You also have to always keep your faith and never give up no matter what! Try not to imitate other players or their style because this is a problem that many have. Be yourself, play with what suits you (with rules in mind) and believe me, if your passion exists no one will stop you but your own self. You have to believe that something different can happen.

  • Thank you so much for giving us from your time and we wish you good luck with your team in the upcoming events. We hope to see you more often as winners 🙂

Thanks to you! We all want to thank ESME on their ongoing support for the Middle East Esports scene!


You can follow EniGmA V through their Twitter account right here!

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