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The expecting hit for jhin and Rageblade build strategy on the way with patch 8.9 next week

The Jhinsoo’s Rageblade build, which combines Jhin with Guinsoo’s Rageblade is come to an end with upcoming Patch 8.6, according to a Riot staffer’s comment on the official League of Legends forums.



Of course, it’s only tragic for those that actually used the strategy. If you’ve ever been on the receiving end of a Rageblade-stacked fourth-shot from Jhin, you’d understand perfectly why it has to go. It deals way too much incredible damage.

Guinsoo’s Rageblade gives its user more bonus AD and AP with each basic attack. Jhin, if you don’t know, has some of the highest AD in the game to begin with thanks to both attack speed and critical chance being converted into bonus AD. Each boost from the new Rageblade just cranks it up higher with each attack. This results in Jhin reaching heights such as 1,400 AD in a standard 30-minute game and even higher if the game lasts long enough.

That power spike is thanks to something called “recursive stat increases,” according to the Riot staffer on the forums. Although there are other instances of that mechanic throughout the game, it’s definitely the most broken in this specific scenario. In Patch 8.9 next week, it’ll be over, because a change has been locked into the patch to address the issue. The Riot staffer didn’t specify what that change actually was, though.

These change must be arriving with upcoming patch 8.9 next week.

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