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FaZe Clan returns to the spotlight after BLAST Pro Series Copenhagen win

After a year of disappointment, FaZe Clan appeared to be rebounding with an important win at Copenhagen’s BLAST Pro Series against the Swedish team Ninjas in Pyjamas.



Though NiP almost repeated his big win at Dreamhack last month with a brilliant performance that proved to be a resurgent squad, the US team managed to return to the forefront with an incredible march without losing any map during the entire tournament to become the first team to win the BLAST events. This year, with a similar victory in Blast Pro Series Miami earlier this year.

FaZe’s remarkable performance last night was due to a new signing with Marcelo “coldzera” David and Helvijs “broky” Saukants last September, where the professionals played a major role in winning the final evening, which started with the Nuke map, which, despite an initial advance for the Swedes With seven points however, the fabulous Clutch of “coldzera” marked the beginning of the end of the game.

FaZe’s return continued vigorously, but NiP could not give up, bringing the map to extra time with a deserved draw for both teams. Although Ninjas won in the first two rounds, FaZe showed his strength again to win four final rounds, winning their first win in this final with an “olofmeister” of 30kills.

The match continued on the classic Dust II map, with NiP tearing up his teeth again as he progressed into the first section of the challenge, but the efforts of Havard “rain” Nygaard and his teammates at FaZe resulted in an adjustment of the result as the team came back from behind to win the result. 16-12.

With FaZe winning the new BLAST event, CS: GO surprised us again with an unexpected winner, as Astralis and Team Liquid failed again to reach the final, while world number one Evil Geniuses was not present this time.

The next challenge for FaZe and Astralis will come within days at the IEM Beijing Grand Challenge to face strong teams such as EG, 100 Thieves, Vitality and more on Thursday 7th November.

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