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FaZe Clan vs Astralis battle concludes, and this is the FACEIT Major semi-finalist

Yes, it was a Clasico, no, it was not between Barcelona and Real Madrid, but between two of the world’s best competitive counter-strike teams: FaZe Clan and Astralis. The anticipated fight at Faceit Major: London has finally ended, and here is the team that came out victorious



Whether you are a fan of FaZe or the Denmark champion Astralis, there is no doubt that last night’s game was enjoyable with a strong performance from both sides. Although one of them came out victorious to reach the semi-finals, we saw a match that may be the coolest in the tournament so far with very close results in the two maps that were played.

The quarterfinal started on the ground of Mirage, one of the most competitive maps in the game. The FaZe team, which chose this first map, was able to make a strong opening with the first round of pistols to control the financial situation in the primitive rounds, but it did not last long until Astralis began to perform its remarkable performance. It landed them nine consecutive rounds at the CT side, giving them a remarkable 11-4 lead in the first half.

However, giving up was never a choice for FaZe, who retried hard and recovered some of its reputation as one of the best teams in the world with ten rounds of their CT side to three for Astralis. However, the decisive 30th round was in Astralis favor, for the map to end at 16-14 to score the Dans their first win in the quarter-finals thanks to Peter “Dupreeh” Rothmann’s tremendous efforts.

With a win in the first map of the Danish side, FaZe Clan had to act quickly or lose their chance at revenge in this ECS S5 finals rematch. That was exactly what Finn “karrigan” Andersen managed to do. The FaZe players managed to hold back Astralis in the first half, bringing the score to 10-5. However, when the roles were changed and the Danes were handed over the CT side, the order was terminated. The mythical performance of Nicolai “dev1ce” Reedtz with 26 kills has turned the tides completely to bring the battle to an end allowing the opponent to win only two rounds with a final result 16-12 shocked all the followers.

Are we about to see a new title added to the Danish team’s winning list this year? Astralis has to surpass Team Liquid first, which also qualified for the semi-finals after a strong confrontation With HellRaisers winning on both Mirage and Dust II maps.

FACEIT Major: London golden semis’ square is now set. Astralis against Team Liquid and Na’Vi against MIBR, the biggest winner is us with these high quality games tomorrow. We’ll have to wait to see who makes it to the grand finale of the million dollar world championship.

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