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FFAmix and NASR battle it out in the most intense Arab match

FFAmix and NASR were enemies recently in the finals of MENA closed qualifiers for Asia Minor of StarLadder Major 2019.

NASR made the Asia Minor MENA Closed Qualifier grand final through the upper bracket, knocking down Ramadanpeek, Aequus and NOM along the way.

FFAmix took the long way to the grand final, losing to Aequusin the first round of the bracket and then knocking five teams out of the tournament on their way to victory: Ramadanpeek, nonamer5, Aequus, NOM, and ultimately NASR.

FFAmix took NASR out in a marathon match on Dust2 (22-20), Nuke (23-25) and Inferno (16-14) to qualify for the Asia Minor through the MENA closed qualifier.

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