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The final battle between Funplus Phoenix and G2 Esports at Worlds 2019 grand finals

Today the League of Legends World Championship 2019 has come to an end with the grand finals between FunPlus Phoenix and G2 Esports for the most important title of the year.



After a dominant performance, FunPlus Phoenix have captured their first World Championship with a clean sweep over G2 Esports with 3-0 records. This is the second year in a row that the LPL will be taking home the Summoner’s Cup and will serve as a huge boost of confidence for the League of Legends region heading into 2020.

Many people believed that this matchup was going to be incredibly close between FPX and G2, since both teams showed that they had a good combination of macro skills and individual mechanical skills. When the series kicked off, however, it was clear that FPX was simply too much for G2 to handle.

FPX have proven that they are one of the best teams in the world. Doinb even said that he was considering retirement last year before he decided to join this team instead—his choice has earned him a World Championship.

On the other hand, G2 didn’t look like themselves at all. In fact, they were outclassed by FPX right from the first minute of the game one. G2’s drafts were questionable and their early game weaknesses were exploited heavily. When they were set behind, they couldn’t even find and execute the same plans they had in their series against SKT because of the intense amount of pressure FPX placed across the map.

Right now we can said congratulation for FunPlus Phoenix the champions of Worlds 2019, and we are look towards a new 2020 season

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