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First Arab college for eSports established in Tunisia by order of Ministry of Youth and Sports

The dream is coming closer for Arab players in general and Tunisians in particular, as a recent announcement made the existence of eSports official in the country by the Ministry of Youth and sports


With the growing importance of eSports around the world, and the participation of many Tunisian pro players in international events, the ministry decided to open registration for willing parties to create the first Tunisian eSports college and join its board, all of which as a part of “Digital Tunisia -2020” initiative.

This step is one of the largest in the Middle East from government side, but it’s not the only one. Egypt, Saudi, UAE, Jordan and Syria are also starting to adapt to the scene with approved associations giving hope in a big future for Arab players in this Billion dollars industry.

After seeing the potential of Middle Eastern players like Maroun “GH” Merhej and Amer “Miracle-” Albarqawi, Team Liquid’s TI7 winners, as well as Ilyas “Stephano” Satouri StarCraft 2 star and Amen bin Masoud Hearthstone IESF 2015 champion, we will undoubtedly see more talents that were waiting to be discovered and supported locally.

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