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Flash Wolves prove themselves and win big at IEM Katowice

Katowice, Poland was the destination, as many teams from around the League of Legends scene came to compete in one of its big international events that gathered teams from Asia and Europe. European teams had the chance to win over the Asia pros on their soil, and despite that almost coming true it was Flash Wolves who stuck out as a throne in G2’s flawless journey.

G2 is known for superior macro play compared with H2K, but that wouldn’t save them in the final. Taiwanese pros Flash Wolves again dominated the battle for vision, after already beating H2K in semis. It’s not that G2 didn’t have vision, in fact, they had a lead for much of the early game by ganking the top lane. But Flash Wolves’ vision was more effective as they played around their wards better than G2 did. Karsa and support Hu “SwordArt” Shuo-Jie worked around mid lane to establish vision around Flash Wolves’ next moves.

Their goal was not just to spot out G2, but to be proactive on the map. Maple was superb, basically un-killable on Ryze and a constant issue in the side lanes. Even when G2 tried to catch Flash Wolves off-guard with teleport plays and Tahm Kench ults, Flash Wolves would collapse faster.

There would be no G2 comeback this time. Flash Wolves continued to strangle the map in game two, a relatively clean affair where G2 couldn’t find any inroads to make plays. Flash Wolves looked like they were playing with map hacks as they cleared ward after ward laid by G2. They calmly took a big gold lead and rode it all the way to victory. After many years dominating the LMS with little to show in international play, Flash Wolves is finally on top of the world, despite the tournament not having all of the usual competitors.

The momentum gained from this experience will surely push FW forward in the coming international events, and we’ll be there to see the results.

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