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Fortnite copies an Apex Legends feature, again

Fortnite is still at the top of the online gaming world with new features added to it, but it is difficult to look at this new feature and not see the similarities with the stuff first provided by Apex Legends


Despite its dominance, Fortnite has done it again and copied another Apex Legends feature, which is now the world’s most powerful rival of the world’s most popular battle royale game. The “Ping System” system, which is very similar to that of Apex, may have been a coincidence, but adding the “Reboot Van” tool to the game map was probably added after seeing the success of the “Respawn” system of Apex.

If you do not know how the Respawn system works in Apex Legends, we can summarize it as a two-parts system: a “Banner” given to the player at his death and “Respawn Beacon” which represent certain spots on the map. When enemies eliminate a member of your team, it does not end there for them unlike the other Battle Royal games. You can take the “banner” from the deceased teammate’s box and then deliver it to “Beacon” on the map to revive the dead player, giving everyone a second chance to return to the battle.

This is exactly what will be added to Fortnite: Battle Royale next week, through a similar “Reboot Vans” system where you can bring your friend back to the game by using certain vans on the map. One use each, just like the respawn beacons in Apex.

We can’t talk negatively about copying this feature though, as it is one of the best new features that Apex Legends has brought to this genre without fundamentally changing the survival experience. The Respawn system is still risk-based in revitalizing your team members after eliminating those who killed them, so it always feels fair and belongs to this kind of experience.

In related news, we seem to be getting a new champion in Apex during the current season, according to a new leak through the PlayStation Network store.


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