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Fortnite new event destroys Titled Towers and brings back an old gun

One of the most prominent areas of the Fortnite map, known as the Titled Towers, was completely wiped out by the raging volcano, which represented the opening event for the ninth season of the game bringing with it a number of changes that the players directly contributed to


It all started when players discovered a spaceship-like vault in Loot Lake, which was locked with five locks that had to be opened using runes distributed around the map. The players of the famous Battle Royale game worked together to carry out the various tasks between dragging a rune across the island and offering sacrifices to the volcano, which later began to erupt. Eventually, the Loot Lake vault was finally breached transporting everyone to a strange new dimension of its kind.

To ensure that all players would witness this event, all types of game modes in the main menu were replaced by “The Unvaulting” mode, which transferred everyone to this new dimension and ensured that they were not perma-killed and instead had a respawn system.

In that dimension, players found six encapsulated weapons and tools that were previously removed from the game, placed inside crystals that had to be broken by the players to bring back one of them to the game again. Players had ultimately chosen the “Drum Gun” although there were other fan favorite options such as Infinity Blade and Airplanes.

تدمير تيلتد تاورز فورت نايت Fortnite tilted tower destroyed volcano unvault event

After the gun was chosen, players were moved back to the main map to witness the eruption of the volcano and the launch of its lava into the air to destroy a number of areas, most notably Titled Towers, which was turned into rubble. There is no doubt that this is the beginning of Season 9 so we are about to see more surprises.

It is finally time to say “Goodbye Titled Towers,” the hottest and busiest area in the game. You can see the event for yourself in the video below, with Season 9 starting on May 9th.

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