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Fortnite players count breaks more records as patch 6.31 drops

There seems to be no escape from Fortnite’s global fever, with the number of players reaching an unprecedented number that shows no sign of stopping anytime soon



With the free Fortnite: Battle Royale, Epic has reached more than 200 million players, according to a new report released by Bloomberg. The increase in figures has been 60% since June of this year when the number of players reached 125 million.

In comparison, Epic announced in January that the number of downloads of their game months has reached 40 million, a figure that seems small when compared with these new numbers, which shattered all expectations. The total number does not, of course, speak of the number of active players at the same time, with the highest number of 8.3 million players around the world present in the game, still a dazzling figure compared to its rival PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, which sits on the throne of the Steam platform with an active number of 2 million players In most of the time.

Fortnite’s success can be attributed to a number of different reasons, most notably the fact that it has attracted the attention of many media and celebrity actors such as Drake, Ellen Degeneres, Marshmellow and many others. Being free is, of course, another important factor in increasing its popularity, and constant updates have kept players interested.

Speaking of updates, update 6.31 was released earlier today to bring in a number of changes, including the addition of new Pump Shotguns of Epic and Legendary rarity, with damage of 105 and 110 respectively, while the Common damage was increased to 95 and 100 for Uncommon. Other changes include placing the Marker on the map just by looking at the place instead of opening the map and pointing.

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