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Fortnite returns with Chapter 2 after a long wait: New map, weapons and more

What the players had expected as a few hours of absence went on for a few days, and now, after a long wait, the famous Battle Royale Fortnite is back with its Chapter 2, which brings with it a new map, boats, weapons and gameplay changes



For the Fortnite players, the end of the tenth season was unusual. It all ended with a huge explosion that completely destroyed the world of the game (inside and outside) into a black hole in space. Apparently, the expectations were correct that this was the beginning of a whole new chapter in the life of the game or, or as it is now officially called Chapter 2, with Epic Games giving us a new map, new weapons, and several additions.

Fortnite has returned to work this morning through the PC and various platforms accompanied by a new tropical island filled with distinctive sites such as factories, dams and swamps. The new map contains many dynamic locations , such as lakes where you can fish for loot. You can see the first glance of the map in the official trailer below:

Other new additions to the second chapter include the ability to dive in the water, as well as the presence of boats similar to the competitor PUBG, which also allows players to navigate through the water using boats. Of course, the new season could not have been completed without new weapons, and Chapter 2 offers a number of them you will be able to try from now on.

The most notable new weapon is the medical rocket launcher, or Bandaid Bazooka, which takes up two weapons spaces and allows you to heal your team by shooting them similarly to some Overwatch characters. Moreover, Pump Shotgun fans will be pleased to learn that two new Shotgun weapons will also be available in the second quarter of Fortnite, as well as a new handgun.

Of course, the new season could not have been completed without new Skins and Emotes accompanied by a whole new Battle Pass, where the latter has new challenges to do taking advantage of the new map and the various activities you can:

You can see some glimpses of gameplay in the new map below, but why not try it yourself? The new update is now available for download via smartphones, PCs, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The wait is over so start playing and tell us what you think about the new update!

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