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Fortnite’s volcano is about to erupt and erase two of its famous locations

The ninth season of the popular Battle Royale game Fortnite may be really interesting, with leaks and new information about what will happen very soon to its map and specifically the fate of two of its most famous areas

It began with a Reddit user uploading a clip showing the activation of the fourth Rune which opened the fourth lock of the hatch in Loot Lake, which appeared to be related to Fortnite’s volcano beginning to produce smoke in the sky. This caused everyone to believe that it was about to erupt, marking the end of the eighth season and the start of the ninth season of the game.

The leaks came later to indicate that both Titled Towers and Retail Row would be exposed to the volcanic lava that would destroy them, which will be the next change to the map: something we got used to see with each new season. The flaming volcano may not be the only new addition to the game, especially with the final lock in Loot Lake still in place which the players have to find and activate its own Rune. That’ll open the secret bunker to the public possibly containing the alleged space ship seen in several previous leaks.

In other news, Epic Games revealed why it decided to remove the Siphon feature (giving players full health and shield after each kill), saying that the greater proportion of players felt it was an unfair and annoying addition. Indeed, most of the criticism comes from the game’s celebrities and best players, who were the main target of this feature at first, to incite players to play aggressively in tournaments to make them more exciting.

As for new content to the game, we have new information about the 8.50 update in which Epic promised to fix several important problems in it. Two new additions to the game, namely the “Shadow Bomb” and new Skin for the Star Lord from Guardians of the Galaxy, joining the collection of Fortnite X Avengers items to celebrate the launch of the new Avengers: End Game. It includes Guardian Axe, Star Lord Pack Backbling, Star Lord Dance off and more.

We will post the full patch notes to Fortnite’s 8.50 update as soon as they’re released in the coming days.

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