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The full beginner guide for new Teamfight Tactics mode in League of Legends

The new Teamfight Tactics mode in reality is a new standalone game but available in League of Legends client, it’s comes with new picks, tactics, mechanics, and more.



Riot has pulled out all the stops with its new Teamfight Tactics mode. The auto-battler genre first appeared in DOTA Auto Chess and quickly proved to be a sensation. The game inspired Riot to create its own take on the genre, and it’s no joke.

So here’s everything you need to know about new Teamfight Tactics mode in this report.

What is the Teamfight Tactics mode?

A game like Teamfight Tactics can be a bit daunting for an absolute beginner, with a lot to think about and nuances that aren’t necessarily immediately obvious to those unfamiliar with the genre.

The game kicks off with a mini-game in which players stand around a revolving carousel of champions. When the game starts, the players race to grab their preferred champion, which then becomes your first unit.

The first few rounds of the game are played against the AI (Artificial intelligence), before meeting other players from round 3. As the game progresses, players can use gold to buy champions and experience, which allows you to level up and therefore field more champions at once.

Powering up champions

There are two ways of increasing the power of your champions. If you have three of the same champion, they can be combined to form a more powerful level two version, and three of these can be combined again for a level three version.

Like in League of Legends, players can also acquire items, which are dropped by minions during battles against the AI. Items can be given to champions to increase their power, with the ability to combine basic items to create more powerful items with additional effects.

For an explanation of how it all works, streamer Disguised Toast has produced a video tutorial covering the basics of the game, which also includes a full gameplay to give you a sense for how things will play out.

Which champions are best in Teamfight Tactics?

Naturally, once you’ve got to grips with the basics of the game the next question is which champions you should be choosing if you want the greatest chance of success.

To help give you a sense of which champions are most powerful at different stages in the game, blitz.gg have put together a tier list, which also details champion stats like, health, armor, and damage-per-second.

A champion’s raw power isn’t the only consideration, however, as Teamfight Tactics also includes a “synergy” mechanic. Every champion has two traits – an ‘Origin’, and a ‘Class’. Fielding champions that share traits can unlock additional bonuses.

How to play Teamfight Tactics

Despite being essentially an entirely separate game, Teamfight Tactics will be featured as a mode within League of Legends and accessible through the LoL client.

The game is expected to be released alongside League of Legends Patch 9.13 on June 25, but it will be available to those with access to the LoL Public Beta Environment (PBE) from June 18.

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