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The French giant invited to EPICENTER 2017

The organizers of EPICENTER 2017 recently revealed the identity of the last team they invited directly to attend and participate in the events of the tournament.


It turns out today that the French giant G2 Esports, which now sits in first place as the best team in the world in the order of specialized sites in this game, such as hltv and gosugamers and others.

The French team was present in last year’s edition of the tournament itself, and finished fifth and sixth place after losing to the Brazilian team known as SK Gaming 2-1, has been invited to the last team to attend this year’s event of the tournament, while the winner of the issuance of the year The past is the Danish North team after winning the Virtus.pro team in a series of three maps, crowned by the last winner with a $ 250,000 prize money, and each of them will certainly be present at the championship of the year.

We are currently waiting to fill the remaining seats reserved for the tournament, which have been left to the qualifying competitions, you now the identity of all teams invited to the tournament:

SK Gaming



G2 Esports

The EPICENTER 2017 will begin on October 23 and will be held in the Russian state. It will be played at the large Yubileyny Sports Palace, with a prize of $ 500,000 to compete for a chance to win even a part. Simple of the big money prize.

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