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Announcing the winners of PUBG Cup by nVidia Geforce

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds enter again The world of electronic sports and the Arab world Today, as we will be talking about a fun tournament in the Middle East entitled PUBG CUP.


The tournament was sponsored by ASUS ROG and Cyber ​​Sports League as well as the Middle East division of NVIDIA, which announced the identity of the winners.

Osh Tekk Warriors managed to win in this tournament and dominate the big finals, to hold the first seat with a prize money of two thousand dollars.

Red Falafel, who lost in the big finals, came out of the tournament at second place with a $ 1300 prize money.

Finally, the L2p team, who won the last prize in the tournament for $ 700, and therefore there was no rewards for the rest of the teams. The total prize given to the tournament was $ 4,000.

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds has been gaining the attention of e-sports organizations for several months, and we have seen global teams join their competitive arena for a while, as we told you last August.

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