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Going pro at this game nets you “free money” according to Shroud

Twitch star and one of the best FPS players in the world has given his opinion on esports prizes and its distribution to players. According to Shroud, this famous game is the most generous with its pro players

Of course, we are talking about Fortnite here, the Battle Royale phenomenon which has turned the world of video games upside down less than three years and brought many new people into the realm of electronic entertainment. Whether you like it or not, Fortnite’s success can not be ignored, which is what Michael “Shroud” Grzesiek talked about in a new live broadcast via Twitch.

“It’s free money” Shroud said on Fortnite prizes. “Even when you lose, you win. There are not many similar games that do that, but Fortnite does. ”

According to ex CS: GO pro, Fortnite is the most secure option for those who want to enter the world of professional competitive video games, thanks to the generosity of the developers at Epic Games with their prizes of various events that are held throughout the year.

“They have a big pile of cash and they simply be like: Play! This is definitely good. ”

Indeed, Epic Games is now one of the richest video game companies, and it was made obvious when they have announced more than $ 100 million in prize money for this year’s event. The World Cup Fortnite World Cup alone at the end of July will give solo winners $ 10 million and $ 20 million for duo winners.

It is not necessarily bad for those who professionally play PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds on the other side, especially with the announcement of a number of new tournaments with hundreds of thousands of dollars to win at the game’s different versions. However, we have not yet seen figures that we can compare to the Fortnite championships, so “Shroud” has a degree of validity.

Other new games such as Apex Legends are still in the process of laying the groundwork, but they have to rush into the world of major tournaments before their popularity begins to fade gradually, something that more periodic content may contribute to preventing it from when launched continuously.

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