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Goodbye Liquid: legendary Dota 2 roster leaves the organization

After what could only be described as a legendary career with a big win at The International 7 and a brilliant run to finish second at TI9, it seems it’s time for Team Liquid players to go their own way, according to a new surprising announcement

Kuro “KuroKy” Takhasomi, Ivan “Mind_ContRoL” Ivanov and the Arab trio Amer “Miracle-” Al Barqawi, Alewi “w33” Omar and Maroun “GH” Merhej left the organization this morning in a joint agreement with the CEO Victor Goossens, to come as a surprise to many fans despite players offering a great performance under the motto of the organization.

This time, it seems that the reason for the separation of the squad is not really due to deep disagreements as much as it is a step taken by all players to pursue their next goal, the formation of their own esports organization.

Although we have no real assurance that the team will stay together, the initial plan is to form a new team owned by the players where they have greater control of their own, similar to other organizations like OG and Team Secret based on that principle.

KuroKy thanked the organization that he played for the past 4 years, saying that Team Liquid has provided tremendous unconditional support and helped him realize his dreams and apologized to fans, stressing that the next step is what he now wants to do with his colleagues.

Goossens, in turn, praised KuroKy as “the best leader he has ever seen” and that he is confident of his new dream. As for what will happen to Team Liquid for Dota 2, he stressed that the game is still very important for the organization, where they will search for a new lineup to carry the team logo.

The news of Team Liquid’s break-up comes just days after one of OG’s winning TI8 and TI9 members hinted that the team might not continue together until next year, which inevitably means that we will get some  interesting competitions next season from DPC seeing the rise of new names to the scene .

Good luck to everyone, especially Liquid and its former players who have entertained us all these years!


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