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FIFA Interactive World Cup 2017 goes to English player Gorilla

We have recently seen the end of the FIFA Interactive World Cup 2017 and the identity of the winner, the first English player to raise the trophy since the 2005 edition.


Spencer “Gorilla” Ealing was declared the winner of the tournament with a 7-3 win over his German rival Kai “Deto” Wollin.

The match was in two stages, the first of which ended in a draw after the first advantage in the beginning for the German player, but ended 3-3 to move to a final match on the Xbox, and then managed to control the course of the battle to end in favor of a strong result 4-0 and thus victory Won the tournament with a $ 200,000 prize.

Gorilla said that the first match and transfer to a second game against Xbox, his favorite, was the moral boost he needed to win the match.

The player presented the tournament cup to coach Sean “Dragon” Allen, who managed to reach the finals last year but lost a 10-minute deficit in the game.

The FIFA Interactive World Cup 2017 is 10 times bigger than last year’s award, thanks to the direct support of the developer EA Sports, which has also adapted the tournament’s qualifying system to make it similar to the FIFA‘s Ultimate Team, .

Second place winner Deto took home a $ 40,000 prize while Florian “CodyDerFinisher” Muller finished third and Timo “TimoX” Siep finished fourth and a $ 5,000 prize each.

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