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Here’s the first big name competing at PUBG’s first tournament

We’ve recently talked about PlayerUnknown’s Battelgrounds first foray into Esports with the upcoming Gamescom Invitational, and now we know the first big name to compete at it.

One of the most famous organizations, TSM, has become one of the first teams confirmed to compete at this month’s PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds gamescom Invitational in Cologne, Germany. It’s been a few weeks since TSM finished filling out its PUBG roster, but the roster will easily be one of the favorites at gamescom. The team is made up of popular streamers Colton “Viss” Visser and Gary “BreaK” Marshall, who are joined by PUBG dominators Austin “SmaK” Haggett and Marius “aimPR” Ionita.

The original announcement of the tournament promised 80 of the world’s best PUBG players and influencers, but TSM is the first professional team to be announced this far. Many new teams will also be present, like the one ESL announced made up of content creators, called Team NEED LOOT, consisting of Drift0r, SoaR Kross, One_Shot_Gurl, and Sterling Toth.

The tournament will feature Solo, Duo, first person Duo, and Squad games. It will be commentated by CS:GO announcer Lauren “Pansy” Scott and Halo commentator Richard “TheSimms” Simms, and takes place from August 23 to 26 during the anticipated Gamescom.

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