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Here’s SK Telecom T1 official PUBG roster at last

We previously learned about the intentions of the South Korean powerhouse SK Telecom T1, one of the best League of Legends teams in the world, to enter the PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds competitive scene. Now, after lengthy preparations, here is the final roster that will be representing the organization


The tryout process was carefully managed to get a team that consists of the best South Korean players to represent the organization in PUBG, with 20 teams including 80 players, including four only to qualify to represent the team under the SKT brand after a final qualifying competition was broadcast live.

The players selected are the following:

  • Park “Daze” Chan-hyuk
  • Kim “PLIKHE” Seong-jin
  • Kim “Raeng” Seong-jin
  • Jung “ADDER” Ji-hoon


The main goal of the lineup will be to compete at the PUBG Pro Tour, which will start later in September. The team will be led by coach Choi “cCarter” Byung-hoon who will work hard to get all players to the highest level of readiness.

“Since the players have been practicing starting from July,” cCarter said. “it is true that we don’t have enough time to participate for the Pro Tour. However, we will put in a lot of effort. Our first priority is to become a decent team that meets the standards of the esports powerhouse, SKT T1.”

It is noteworthy that the organization’s search for the appropriate PUBG team took nearly six months, starting with the initial plan in January this year. However, the Korean team’s new project was not revealed until July, when performance tests were conducted for players.

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