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Huge leak details GTA 6 story, characters, and a return to Vice City

The next addition of the world’s most popular open world game may come sooner than we expected, with a number of new details about GTA 6 leaking a return to one of the most popular maps in gaming and more




The new leaks revealed by the famous Reddit user “Jack0Lantern1982” seem possible, especially when as he said he asked one of his friends who works at Rockstar about the subject only for him to answer with a smile that he “can not confirm or deny”. However, take them with a grain of salt for the time being.

With the launch of Red Dead Redemption 2 last year, attention has been drawn to Rockstar’s Grand Theft Auto series, which we’ve had a number of hints about in the past few years, including news of it being under development since 2012. Comments of Take- Two CEO weeks ago revealed the company’s intention to launch its games over shorter periods of time, which indicates we maysee the launch of the GTA 6 accompany the release of new platforms from Microsoft and Sony, expected to arrive at the end of 2020.

According to leaks from reliable sources, the new GTA (which we will call GTA 6) will take place through two maps rather than one, bringing us back to Vice City in the 1970s-1980s and a new fictional city inspired by the famous Brazilian coastal city of Rio de Janeiro, which will represent the most significant part of the game.

The events will focus on a world of crime inspired by the famous Netflix series Narcos, which narrates the story of the famous drug lord Pablo Escobar and his own crime empire. In GTA 6, will play an emerging dealer named Ricardo whose goal is to build his own empire in the game world, with maps of about 10 times the size of GTA Online.

The story will be told through chapters similar to Red Dead Redemption 2, and we will see a number of faces from other games in the series make a return, notably Martin Madrazo of GTA V, who will play an important role as a youngster working for his father in the drug trade.

Other details talked about the return to one main character this time, a new level of realism with the integration of GTA’s arcade gameplay without being similar to RDR2 level of realism, events spanning several years where the player will see their effects on the surrounding environment of buildings and cars, and a new weapon system allowing you to carry a specified number of Weapons and make your car a moving inventory for all your tools similar to the horse in the RDR2.

The game will be exclusive to the next-generation platforms only according to the leak, with Rockstar unwilling to repeat what happened with GTA V when it was launched on two separate generations of devices. The news also touched on the studio’s work on Bully 2 game as well, which is is expected to be released in the near future.


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