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IESF and WESCO join forces to further unite the world of Esports

In a new joint effort that would positively affect the entire world of esports, IESF had signed a memorandum of understanding with WESCO, with the aim of expanding their operations together as they look for esports global unity



, IESF’s president, Mr. Vlad Marinescu, spoke about the new partnership in a press release, describing it as an “important moment in the unification of Esports,” and continued by saying that “the target at the IESF is unification, collaboration, and recognition. This agreement achieves the three objectives, all at the same time.”

The Memorandum of Understanding will allow the leading organizations of IESF and WESCO to jointly work on several programs around the world to achieve positive benefits for all stakeholders in the field of electronic sports, as IESF will continue to collaborate with more entities to achieve its primary goals, namely, protecting electronic athletes, maintaining mental health and promoting physical fitness as well, in addition to recognition of Esports as a sport globally via the international federation and nationally via the national associations through a partnership with each country’s sports authority.”

This step is a part of IESF recent strategy aiming to create a sustainable umbrella where esports ecosystems unite, which includes all stakeholders and those interested and thus allowing this field to reach its potential as an industry and real sport.

This is not the first time that IESF has carried out in cooperation with another electronic sports organization. A few weeks ago, we were surprised with a deal with the Asian AESF organization, extending into the Asian market to provide the latest regulations and systems to players in the region, including players in the Arab world, whereas several Middle Eastern countries are included in The official list of IESF members, such as the Syrian Arab Republic and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

You can learn more about the new announcement via this post on the official IESF page on Facebook here.


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