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Some incredible Tryndamere changes are on the way to League of Legends

Tryndamere is on the way to get some buff with Patch 8.2.



Most champions, especially those that have been reworked recently like Evelynn, Urgot, and Sejuani, are supposed to feel fully fleshed out—like a complete mix of abilities and passives that all feel good to use in a fight. But Tryndamere all of his damage comes from basic attacks and his abilities are all designed to simply get him in range to land more basic attacks. His ultimate ability and heal are designed to keep him alive long enough to land more basic attacks.

If Tryndamere’s only damage source, his basic attacks, are buffed in any way, he becomes too difficult to deal with. When a champion’s damage comes from a single source, it’s very tricky for Riot to balance them without making them way too OP or utterly useless.

Tryndamere is the epitome of this dilemma, and until his mechanics and fundamentals as a champion are fixed up, any buffs or nerfs that come his way seem like nothing more than hitting the Meta.

Tryndamere buff should be hitting the PBE for testing as the Patch 8.1, and that’s meaning will be available with Patch 8.2 in few weeks from now.

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