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Some interesting changes for jungle champions in League of Legends with upcoming patch 8.7

Big buffs on the way for jungle champions with upcoming patch 8.7, and the goal of this buffs to return them to the Meta, according to the latest PBE update.




According to Riot staffer Blake Smith’s tweet, his Rootcaller (Q) will fail less when “jumping over walls using monsters.” It’s unclear what mechanical change is actually in store for the ability—but we’re still counting it as a buff, even if it is just an obscure bug-fix.

The other buffs are more straightforward. The timer on his passive will be reduced by more at levels six and 11, and it will cost less health to use. His Brushmaker’s range is going up by 200 units, which is quite a lot, and Daisy’s movement speed will be boosted by even more when she enters the fray.


Nocturne’s buff isn’t very large, but it will help out his early camp clearing and first couple of ganks significantly. The buff simply increases the AD provided by his Q by five per rank. That really only helps at early levels, but it’ll be useful nonetheless. Nocturne’s success in solo queue has skyrocketed since his buff-train began in Patch 8.5, and this will only make him stronger.


Elise’s buffs are great, too. Her stun ability, Cocoon, is getting a much lower cooldown at early levels, which should help both her ganking and camp-clearing-health. Her executing ability, which is her Spider Form Q, is also receiving 10 more base damage. That won’t help so much with Ganks, but it is nice for her jungle clearing as well.

All of these buffs must be arriving with Patch 8.7 next week.

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