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Iraq bans Fortnite and PUBG amidst confusion about government priorities

Video games are bad, really bad. This is what official in a growing number of countries around the world are saying, and the credit for that is PUBG and Fortnite’s insane popularity, both of which are now banned in Iraq to join other games-opposing countries


The Iraqi government has issued a ban on both Fortnite and PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, stating their bad influence on the safety of society and the morals of its members as the reason, according to a report published by Reuters this morning.

“it’s due to the negative effects caused by electronic games on the health, culture and safety of Iraqi society, including moral and societal danger to children and young people”

A number of politicians and sheikhs have long called for a ban on PUBG Mobile, for example, because it’s unintelligent and doesn’t even teach the “right way to fight,” which makes you really wonder if the concept of fun is so difficult to understand for those decision makers.

There are many ways to play PUBG Mobile even after the ban, but criticisms has been directed at government agencies and their priorities ignoring the need to make necessary reforms and take decisions on more important topics instead of chasing games to satisfy the vocal minority who make bad accusations and false arguments proved to be scientifically false.

Iraq has joined a few other countries such as Nepal and India, one of which has banned PUBG throughout the country while the other has made it a criminal activity in one of its provinces arresting a number of young people in the process.

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