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Kayle is on the way to get update in League of Legends

Kayle with her kit is one of the oldest champions in League of Legends, now is the perfect time for her to get update with new abilities, according to the Riot announcement.



According to Riot lead designer Andrei “Meddler” van Roon on Twitter. This certainly makes sense, as Kayle is one of the older, more binary champions in the game, but her kit, particularly her ultimate, have become iconic abilities in League of Legends.

That being said, despite the sentiment, an update for Kayle is still needed. While her theme is already solid with her holy fire-infused basic attacks and an ultimate that shields an ally from all incoming damage, she’s still very one-sided. She’s binary because she can only do as well as her basic attacks, and that was one of the big reasons Aatrox needed an update, too.

Kayle’s sister, Morgana, might get some sort of small update focused just on her visuals, too, to coincide with the larger Kayle update. Meddler saying the update will come “at some point” in his tweet likely means that there isn’t any sort of timeline yet. At the earliest, it would be after the already-confirmed Nunu and Akali updates, so we’re looking at six months or more from now.

We are all awaiting the Kayle update to see the light in League of Legends.

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