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Korean superteam wins PUBG Global Championship after great performance

PUBG winners are once more Asians, with Korea’s best team Gen.G proving their ability to win against all of the best qualified teams from North America, Europe and Asia in a heated and close battle with FaZe Clan in the final round of the Global Championship



Unlike last year, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) Global Championship was more exciting with its addition of a number of smaller events that represented its global qualifiers, with 16 teams entering the PUBG Global Championship finals for a $2 Million dollars grand prize in their sight, which Gen.G was able to get in the end.

FaZe and Gen.G continued to be favorites through the tournament right to the final match, but the Chinese team, Four Angry Men, had the biggest lead in the tournament by a few points. With these three teams having more than 90 points, it looked like a three-sided race, ignoring the other teams involved, especially with the defeat of OGN Entus Ace early in the game.

The fight for the top spot was obvious from the start, but FaZe faced bad luck losing two of its players after VC Gaming surrounded them with the remaining two miraculously surviving. As the game continued to progress and the circle shrank more and more it seemed more dangerous for FaZe, but they managed to eliminate 4AM, who represented an opponent that almost took the lead from Gen.G and FaZe.

Although Gen.G finished third, FaZe fourth and Na’Vi did their best in this round, Korea’s top team had managed to score 10 Kills on their way to this position, and they managed to secure the most points to win the most expensive title outperforming all other teams.

Gen.G did not win any round of the tournament, but they came in first place with a consistent performance in addition to the large number of fights ensured their superiority over all other teams, achieving a lead by 10 points from second place FaZe Clan.

Players have returned home with a $ 2.3 million prize plus their share of an additional $ 6 million prize distributed to participating teams collected from the sale of exclusive tournament items through the PUBG Store, making Gen.G the richest team in the game’s history to date.

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