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Amazing performance by Fnatic and IG during the last day of Group Stage at Worlds 2018

Group Stage came to an end few hours ago at League of Legends Worlds 2018, with eight teams qualified to the quarterfinals, the Knockout Stage.



Both Fnatic and Invictus Gaming stepped up to the stage to prove who’s the best team in Group D today. after both teams reached 5-1, they had to fight again in the last battle with tie breaker match to select the first and second seed from the group. In the end, and after amazing performance by fnatic, they defeated IG to advance to the knockout stage as the top team from Group D, while IG advanced as the second one from the same group.

Teams Standings:

Group A

  • Afreeca Freecs: 4-2
  • G2 Esports: 4-3
  • Flash Wolves: 3-4
  • Phong V ũ Buffalo: 2-4

Group B

  • RNG: 5-2
  • Cloud9: 4-3
  • Vitality: 3-3
  • Gen.G: 1-5

Group C

  • KT Rolster: 4-1
  • EDG: 4-2
  • Team Liquid: 3-3
  • MAD Team: 0-5

Group D

  • Fnatic: 6-1
  • Invictus: 5-2
  • 100 Thieves: 2-4
  • G-Rex: 0-6

The eighth day of Group Stage:

Fnatic vs. 100 Thieves

The opening game of the last day of groups was a rematch between NA LCS second seed 100 Thieves and EU LCS first seed Fnatic. The first time these teams met, 100T were outsmarted and outplayed at every turn, and Fnatic ended the game swiftly and decidedly. This time, however, the game ended slightly slower. But, unfortunately, it was still rough to watch if you’re an NA fan. Fnatic proved that they’re definitely the better team by winning three-on-five fights in 100T’s favor, diving towers left and right, and racking up a massive gold lead. From the looks of it, 100T didn’t stand a chance.

Invictus vs. G-Rex

Utter and total annihilation was all G-Rex was greeted with in their rematch against group favorites Invictus Gaming today. G-Rex managed to take a couple of kills off of IG during the early game, but as soon as IG started to pump the gas on G-Rex’s turrets, G-Rex were forced onto the defensive, and they didn’t show a single sign of rallying throughout the entire game.

Fnatic vs. G-Rex

Fnatic’s game against G-Rex was very similar to the game G-Rex had just played against Invictus. That is, G-Rex was dismantled yet again. Fnatic ended G-Rex in under 25 minutes with decisive team plays and monster outplays in the side lanes. There isn’t much else to say here. Fnatic and Invictus continue to bully the lower two teams of the groups.

Invictus vs. 100 Thieves

Invictus remains undefeated in their journey to the last game of the day against Fnatic as they once again dominate and stamp out the NA LCS’ 100 Thieves. For once, 100 Thieves actually had some solid answers to IG’s dives in the early game. Soon, IG were repeating history by running circles around the North American underdogs, and by the time the game ended, IG’s lead was insurmountably large.

100 Thieves vs. G-Rex

Both G-Rex and 100 Thieves have been through the ringer in their group at Worlds, being beaten and battered by either Fnatic or Invictus on any given game. For this match, it was time for one of these teams to take on the role of the winner. It was 100T’s lucky day in that regard, because even though they were wildly outclassed by Fnatic and IG, they were able to at least prove that they’re better than G-Rex. They crushed the LMS squad with a pretty massive gold and objective lead and left the world stage with a bang.

Fnatic vs. Invictus

The featured game of the day was between Invictus and Fnatic, the two best teams in the group. After some smart map movements between the top and mid lanes, Fnatic racked up a pretty hefty lead. This made sense, because most of their team comp’s strengths were rooted in the early and mid-game, but Martin “Rekkles” Larsson’s Tristana also got wildly ahead. That means their late-game was strong, too, and IG couldn’t find any opening to claw back into it. With that win, Fnatic tied Invictus for first in the group, forcing a tiebreaker match at the end of the day.

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