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League of Legends Mobile is in development at Tencent

Smartphones have become a fertile ground for competitive video games recently, and it now appears that one of the most prominent titles of eSports will finally make the jump to the handheld platform after a long wait, as a new report speaks about Riot Games bringing their game League League of Legends to the market.

Although we already have several similar MOBA titles on smartphones, the most famous of which are Vainglory and Arena of Valor, League of Legends has the most prominent name in the world of MOBAs and its arrival for smartphones is bound to be huge.

According to a Reuters report, cooperation between Riot Games and parent company Tencent began a year ago to develop smartphones version of the game, but we may have to wait a little longer for the release, as the report indicates a 2020 launch. With the goal being transferring the same experience to touchscreen smartphones, that task might prove to be hard to nail.

The mobile version will help Riot expand its dominance in the Asian market without a doubt. Mobile games are the most popular in the Eastern continent, surpassing personal computers or home platforms.

Tencent had previously suggested that Riot Games should release a mobile version a few years ago, but the company initially rejected that proposal, prompting Tencent to release its own Honor of Kings, which was widely recognized in China and then re-launched it in the Western market under the name Arena of Valor, which we know now.

League of Legends joining smart phones area will make the mobile competitive arena much more exciting than ever before, especially with the likes of PUBG Mobile, Fortnite, Hearthstone and soon Apex Legends.


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