Riot unveils the abilities of the new upcoming champion Neeko

Riot has revealed the Abilities of League of Legends new champion Neeko earlier today, Her kit is packed full of trickery.

Neeko’s kit is packed full of trickery, She has brief invisibility, clones, a big skill-shot, so let’s starting with her Abilities.

Passive: Inherent Glamour

Neeko’s passive is the champion mimicry that was showcased upfront in her trailer yesterday. It allows her to disguise herself as an ally champion, and using either her Q, E, or getting hit by an enemy (or monster) breaks the illusion.

Q: Blooming Burst

Her Q is a little bit similar to Jhin’s grenade, but not quite the same. As Jhin’s grenade kills enemies, each bounce deals more damage. Neeko’s Q, however, will stop on the first enemy struck if it doesn’t kill them. If it kills them, it bounces to another enemy, and can chain multiple times.

W: Shapesplitter

Neeko’s W might upset a few people. There’s a very, very well-known meme in the League community that Riot loves three-hit passives, and it appears that Riot has no intention of letting that one go anytime soon. This ability is, as you’ve probably guessed, a three-hit passive. Her third basic attack will deal spell damage, and the ability’s active causes her to slip out of sight for a brief time before re-appearing as herself with one clone.

E: Tangle-barbs

Her E is similar to Zyra’s root, as it’s a skill-shot that damages and roots enemies. It also passes through enemies, but Neeko’s grows in size, speed, and root duration if it passes through at least two. The last enemy is rooted the longest.

R: Pop Blossom

Neeko’s ultimate is a big AoE explosion caused by her jumping into the air and landing. All enemies caught in the large AoE radius are stunned and take a big chunk of damage. The tricky part of this ability is that enemies won’t be able to see her charging up to leap if she’s disguised as another champion.

The new champion Neeko must arrive with upcoming patch 8.24 in two weeks from now.

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