Ahri and Karma on the way to get big Buffs with upcoming patch 8.14

Both Ahri and Karma will get pretty Buffs with upcoming Patch 8.14, according to Riot staffer Rick Maher on Twitter.


Ahri’s changes are just flat-out buffs. The mana cost on her Charm is going way, way down by 15 at all ranks. This will allow her to attempt full combos in-lane more often, and she’ll be much less punished for missing her opening Charm. Not only that, but the charm’s actual duration is going up, too, but only by a bit at early levels. Instead of starting out as a one-second charm, it’ll start as a 1.40-second charm, but it ends up at two seconds at max rank, which is the same as it is now.


Karma have a long list of stat changes boils down to two things. First, her mana regeneration will be stronger at the expense of her mana pool. And secondly, her tankiness in lane is going up, with almost six more armor at level one but by a negligible amount by level 18. As for her abilities, the splash radius on her Q is going up, but the early base damage of her boosted Q’s detonation is down a fair amount.

The mana cost is also dropping on her Inspire by a very small amount. All in all, Karma’s tankiness will be noticeably higher, but her early damage output is going to be weaker, even if only by a little.

These changes set to be arrive with upcoming Patch 8.14 in the next week.

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