Big hit for Zoe and Talon at late game with upcoming patch 8.14

Riot is planning to Nerf both Zoe and Talon at late game with upcoming Patch 8.14, according to the latest PBE update.


Talon’s nerf targets his Rake, which is his primary damage-dealer throughout laning phase, and a significant team-fighting tool later on. At rank one, the ability will deal the same damage. By the time it hits max rank, however, its base damage will be a total 40 less—20 less for the initial damage and 20 down for its return, too. Simply put, this nerf means Talon’s late-game damage will be more reliant on his AD scaling through items, so the more he falls behind, the more he’ll feel this nerf.


Zoe’s is even more extreme, and that’s probably because she’s maintained a hold on the pro Meta as well as in solo queue, unlike Talon who’s only really a threat in solo queue. Her nerf isn’t about base damage, and instead, includes a significant dip in her AP scalings on Paddle Star, her primary ability.

At minimum, the ability will now scale with 50 percent of her AP, down from 60, and at maximum, it’ll scale with 125 percent, which is down from 150. AP and AD scalings aren’t felt to the fullest until later in the game when you’ve had a chance to add a few items to your arsenal. These are large enough nerfs that Zoe will probably feel the pain earlier on, however, even though they’ll mostly only affect her late-game damage output.

These changes should arrive with upcoming Patch 8.14 in the next week.

Jalal Tarabulsy

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