Fnatic are the champions of EU LCS summer split 2018

Fnatic are the champions of EU LCS summer split 2018

Few hours ago was the grand finals of EU LCS summer split 2018 between Fnatic and FC Schalke 04 for the final title.



Fnatic secured their second European LCS title this year and the No. 1 European seed at the 2018 World Championship with a 3-1 victory over FC Schalke 04 today.

The series was close, with both teams battling for control. While Schalke were able to come up with early advantages game after game, Fnatic made the mid and late game hell for their opponents.

In the last game of this series, Schalke went all in on early advantages while Fnatic picked champions that would allow them to play for late-game teamfights. With champions like Ornn, Rakan, and Zac, Fnatic would be terrifying if they made it past the mid game.

A massive teamfight in the mid lane saw Rekkles pick up a quadra kill, and Fnatic ran down the mid lane to secure their seventh EU LCS championship, as well as Europe’s first seed for the World championship 2018.

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