Amazing performance by Fnatic during the fourth day of Group Stage at Worlds 2018

Few hours ago the fourth day of Group Stage at League of Legends Worlds 2018 has end, but who’s make this day special, the Chinese teams got the first lose in this tournament by the Korean teams.

Earlier today the Korean team KT Rolster beat the Chinese team EDG in the fourth day of Group Stage, which meaning the LPL region got the first lose in this tournament, but the Chinese teams still domination on the other groups at this tournament.

Teams Standings:

Group A

  • Flash Wolves: 2-1
  • G2 Esports: 2-1
  • Phong V ũ Buffalo: 1-2
  • Afreeca Freecs: 1-2

Group B

  • RNG: 3-0
  • Team Vitality: 2-1
  • Cloud9: 1-2
  • Gen.G: 1-2

Group C

  • kt Rolster: 3-0
  • EDG: 2-1
  • Team Liquid: 1-2
  • MAD Team: 0-3

Group D

  • Invictus: 3-0
  • Fnatic: 2-1
  • 100 Thieves: 1-2
  • G-Rex: 0-3

The fourth day of Group Stage:

kt Rolster vs. EDG

Like the many other teams who participated in the World Championship today, KT also found their initial lead against Edward Gaming through the bot lane. KT took advantage of EDG over extending in a teamfight, and found a kill in the process. EDG tried to bide their time and hope KT makes a mistake, defending their turrets as much as they could. Unfortunately for EDG, KT made no such mistake. Instead KT continued to extend their lead until it was insurmountable.

Team Liquid vs. MAD Team

Team Liquid are finally on the board. After falling to both KT Rolster and Edward Gaming, North America’s first seed have found their first win of the World Championship against Mad Team. Able to find yet another early lead this tournament, Team Liquid once again began to stall out in the mid game. Playing extremely cautious despite having a lead, Team Liquid were not willing to start the Baron unless they knew it was theirs. A strategy that could backfire since it allows the enemy team to farm and try and make a comeback, Team Liquid were lucky and found the pick needed to take the Baron. Now with the purple buff, Team Liquid finally had enough courage to make their way into Mad Team’s base to end the game.

Fnatic vs. G-Rex

This match was simply the Mads “Broxah” Brock-Pedersen show. On the aggressive Lee Sin pick, Fnatic’s jungler Broxah held the entirety of G-Rex in a tight stranglehold. Following an early bot lane teamfight where Fnatic secured four kills, Broxah became seemingly unstoppable. By the time Fnatic found their 26 minute win.

100 Thieves vs. Invictus

This match couldn’t have started much worse for Invictus Gaming. A botched level one for IG allowed 100 Thieves to get two kills. Though it didn’t take long for IG to overcome this very early deficit. Through well executed ganks bot lane, and smart deep wards, IG had recouped their losses and then some with multiple kills onto 100 Thieves. By 16 minutes IG had broken into 100 Thieves base after acing their North American opponents and thus claim their third consecutive win of the World Championship.

G2 vs. Flash Wolves

Although Flash Wolves were the ones to find first blood, it was G2 Esports who ended the game’s laning phase with a major lead. G2 found their early kill’s bot lane. With a focus on shutting down Flash Wolves’ AD carry and support duo, G2 sent their forces bot lane, a move which earned those kills, Elemental Drakes, and turrets. Once Flash Wolves’ bot lane turret was destroyed, G2 top laner Martin “Wunder” Hansen began his bot lane split push as Camille. Wunder’s relentless split push quickly payed off huge as the European top laner won G2 the game after Flash Wolves tried to start the Baron in retaliation.

Afreeca Freecs vs. Buffalo

Returning to the World Championship stage after a single day off, Afreeca Freecs found their first win of the tournament in a crushing victory over Vietnam’s Phong Vũ Buffalo. But the star in Afreeca’s first win was Mowgli’s Olaf. Beginning the game by taking a four minute Ocean Drake unnoticed by flashing into the pit, Mowgli found major leads for his laner through his ganks. Afreeca continued to push their early lead, taking more and more objectives until they broke the PVB base, and destroyed their opponent’s Nexus.

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