Jarvan and Gragas will back to the jungle with upcoming patch 8.13

Both Jarvan and Gragas will get buffs with upcoming Patch 8.13, according to the latest PBE update.


Jarvan’s receiving the largest buff, as Gragas is in a slightly better position with the Aftershock rune and recent changes to the AP jungle item. His E, Demacian Standard , is dropping its cooldown from 13-11 seconds depending on rank to a flat 11 seconds, and its base damage is going up at early ranks.

The base damage will help his jungle clear, sure, but the real buff is in the cooldown reduction. This ability boosts Jarvan’s attack speed significantly, and if it’s available by two whole seconds more while he’s clearing camps, he’ll be able to consistently clear them faster.


Gragas’ buff is also a cooldown reduction, and his comes for his W, Drunken Rage. Its cooldown is dropping from 8-4 seconds depending on rank to a flat five seconds. Again, having an ability up more often to deal damage will obviously help his clear, but just like Jarvan’s buff, there’s a slightly more hidden effect here.

His W doesn’t just boost the damage of his next basic attack, it also reduces incoming damage. Now, he’ll be able to mitigate damage much more often, making his clear significantly healthier.

These changes must arrive with upcoming patch 8.13 next week.

Jalal Tarabulsy

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Jalal Tarabulsy

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