Thresh on the way to get huge buff with upcoming patch 8.19

Thresh on the way to get huge buff with upcoming patch 8.19

Thresh will get huge buff with upcoming patch 8.19 in preparation for the Worlds this year, according to the latest PBE update.



With Alistar and Rakan running the show in pro play and Morgana and Braum following from a safe distance. Thresh has been notably absent from the party, and his absence is especially odd considering he once held the title “King of the play-makers.”

The buff in its current iteration on the PBE lowers Thresh’s Death Sentence cool down by four seconds at rank one and its mana cost by 20 at all ranks.

For those of you that don’t play Thresh often or weren’t around the pro scene when he was in-meta, his Death Sentence is what really makes him strong—and when it’s powerful, he’s powerful. These buffs essentially make it less punishing to whiff a hook in the early laning phase (when it should be the most punishing) while also allowing him to spam it more often. Make no mistake: This is a very straightforward and direct increase to his power, and it’s big enough to immediately thrust him into the Meta.

We would have liked to see a buff to his lantern instead, which could have turned him into more of a defensive answer to champions like Rakan and Alistar, or even Tahm Kench.

These changes set to be arrive with upcoming Worlds patch 8.19 in the next week.

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