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Learn how to play your PS4 games on PC with these simple steps

Sony released a new update for the PS4 software yesterday by the number of 3.50. This update brought many welcome features to the table, but everyone looked up to this specific feature. You can now use Remote Play on your PC to play your PS4 games wherever you were in your house without waiting for your turn on the screen.

Before we start you have to know the requirements of this procedure. These include having a PS4 and a DUALSHOCK 4 controller as well as a PC equipped with quad core Core i5 processor and above, 2GB of RAM, and a 1024*768 screen. Make sure both the PS4 and PC are on the same network and let’s start:

  • Make your PS4 the primary console in your home:

Go to Settings> PlayStation Network/Account Management and choose “Activate as Your Primary PS4″.

  • Activate Remote Play:

Head over to Settings> Remote Play Connection Settings and choose “Enable Remote Play”

  • Now to PC

Download the official Remote Play App through this link. The program will ask you to connect a PS4 controller with USB so do that.

  • Run Remote Play App and press Start, Enjoy !

You can fiddle around with picture quality for your liking and how much broadband you have. There’re 360p, 540p and 720p options in the screen quality division as well as a Standard (30fps) and High (60fps) streaming option. You can’t change those mid-play, so do that from the main menu.

Another feature that many will find useful is that you don’t have to power on your PS4 each time you want to stream. Simply go to Settings then Available in Rest Mode and put a checkmark on both “Stay Connected to the Internet” and “Enable Turning on PS4”, then leave your console on in Rest mode for eternity (unless you have power cuts).

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