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Learn who is leading ALDAWRY CS:GO event : beastINSID3 still holding it?

A lot has happened in the last few weeks in the events of ALDAWRY CS: GO by Arab eSports, There are currently only nine teams in the tournament table, and each of them is ranked according to their performance in the matches and the percentage of his loss and victory.


We start our conversation from the bottom of the table to make things more interesting, and here we find the last place are team They Don’t Know, who seems to have bad luck in this tournament, where the total points at zero, unfortunately, due to the loss of about 14 games and not achieved Winning in any of them or having any equivalent results also.

In the penultimate position, Limitless.GG have six points thanks to their two wins but 14 of them lost, with no equal results here.

On top of these two are ranked sixth, NoHoleDonut, who have 12 points in their record, four wins so far, plus 10 losses without a draw.

AK GAMING climbed to fifth place after winning six wins in the tournament, collecting 18 points for them, but has so far been unable to collect more after they lost four matches in total.

We get closer to the leading teams and reached the fourth team, known as hyper4mance, where they managed to shine through seven matches and only three of them lost, bringing 21 points.

The AY5 team was an interesting force in this tournament, so it rose to third place with a total of nine wins, with only two defeats and of course a large number of points at 27 points.

We all expected NASR Esports to be at the forefront of the Arab teams. This is always the case, and now we find them at second place because of losing one match that prevented him from leading in the first place, but now he has 10 strong wins and 30 points.

The tournament followers know who is the number one because we have not yet mentioned the beastIDSID3 team.

This team managed to extend its control over the first place in several weeks and is still holding it until this moment. Although it suffered three losses in the events of the tournament, it won 11 of them, the largest number of victories compared with all the other teams mentioned above, In addition to having 33 points.

What is next?

In the next games of the tournament, we will see a competition between NASR Esports and AY5, while there is another scheduled match between hyper4mance and AK GAMING.

Another NASR Esports match and AK GAMING await us again this week, and hyper4mance will play another game but this time it will be against AY5. However, this match is scheduled for April 12 and may change according to the results released Currently.

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