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Blizzard legendary franchise Warcraft returns, controversial Diablo announcement, and new Overwatch hero at BlizzCon 2018

It’s that time of the year again with a new iteration of BlizzCon, the annual expo of video game development and publishing company Blizzard, which is back with its sweet surprises that we got used to see and 2018 is no exception .. Although one of the announcements may not be what fans wished for



In addition to offering a number of video game contests from Hearthstone to Overwatch, this year’s BlizzCon 2018 featured several news awaited by legendary video game fans. While Blizzard today has become known thanks to Overwatch and Hearthstone for new generations, its real beginnings have been with the classic StarCraft, Diablo and the name we’ve never heard of in a long time, Warcraft.

In fact, yesterday evening’s news was about two of those chains, specifically Diablo and Warcraft, whose fans’ base got two surprises that could be completely different. Beginning with the good news, the popular classic game that paved the way for many of the current strategy games, WarCraft III, seems to be coming back, and with the best suit we could have imagined seeing.

WarCraft III: Reforged is a complete improvement of the forgotten 4K game, with stunning graphics designed from scratch to bring life back to the world in a way we’ve never seen before. It’s been more than 15 years since the original release, but we’re ready to go back after we’ve seen the great launch that you can see below:

You may think that the surprise alone was enough to make last night the best for the passionate fans of Blizzard, but it was not so when they knew what they were doing. Another series that has been absent from the scene for a long time did not seem to have the same amount of love, to come up with a different kind of release that disappointed the fans. That series is Diablo, and instead of getting the latest Diablo 4 it seems that the era of smart phones will turn our enthusiasm back – do you remember the Command & Conquer announcement for mobile devices in the last E3?

Diablo: Immortal is the new Blizzard game for smartphones, and despite the brilliant promise of being one of the best RPG experiences on mobile phones, nearly 300,000 Dislikes make us believe that advertising was not really desirable. What made it worse was the absence of any announcement of a basic version of Diablo, which angered a huge number of fans of the series to see them as “worse than nothing”.

In an official response to the negative reception of the new announcement, executive producer Allen Adham and director Dan Eggren talked about the fact that Diablo: Immortal came to meet the smartphone audience, which Blizzard saw as a new platform used by millions of people as their main asset. “Related to the coming Diablo series, two fans are asking for patience for future announcements.

If you’re not really interested in Diablo games, do not worry, it’s not all negative in BlizzCon, especially if you’re a fan of Overwatch. A new heroine named Ashe was officially unveiled yesterday, with a new ad in the form of a short animated film about the beloved cowboy McCree, where he meets the new heroine, who has combined a previous relationship in the past to intersect with the Ashe leadership of a gang of outlaws .

Regardless of the story of the character, the first show of its own style of play has also been launched as a DPS or the greatest possible damage to the enemy. To achieve this Ashe will use several capabilities centered on its gun, and you can see all of them below:

Other noteworthy news from BlizzCon 2018 includes the announcement of the arrival of Classic servers for World of Warcraft as part of the regular 2019 players’ subscription and the discovery of the Rastakhan Rumble expansion of the Hearthstone game, which brings a new set of Legendary cards to Troll characters.

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