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Have a look at this realistic flat made in Unreal Engine 4

It’s amazing how far we’ve gone in terms of graphical improvement over 3D rendered models. Just watch what Benoît Dereau -The Dishonored level designer- made using the gorgeous Unreal Engine 4.

The video below shows a Parisian flat. Attention to details will no doubt drop your jaw and you’ll wish you can live in this “Unreal Paris”. The demo runs at a 720p/25FPS ratio which makes us wonder how good would it look at 1080p/60FPS !

…Actually, it has been made. Version 1.2 runs at 1080p/60FPS and is even more amazing. Take a look:

Games haven’t just yet reached this level sadly. This classifies as a technical demo and requires super hardware horse power. Still, it’s a nice glimpse at what we’ll have in our machines 3-4 years from now.

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