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Malaysian minister Syed Saddiq wants eSports to spread all over the country

As esports continues to expand around the world, many governments have begun to formally adopt this future activity and provide their players with more support and assistance to represent their countries to the fullest, and Mr. Sadiqq’s recent statement shows Malaysian commitment



Malaysian Minister of Youth and Sports “Syed Sadiq Syed Abdul Rahman” said in a new statement that his ministry is keen to develop the field of esports, in order to make it fun for everyone around the country.

Speaking at the “Esports Strategic Development Planthe minister said that the government will allocate RM20 million from its 2020 budget towards the development of the esports field, stressing that the government is seeking to establish an esports league system that will produce more competitive World class professionals in addition to allocating enough space for new teams.

“In the future, we will have our first National League held at state level so that esports could be felt at all levels of the country and not just in urban areas. At the same time, we want the development of  this industry to be more vibrant by organising more tournaments at international level.

Mr. Sadik is not the only one who recognizes the importance of esports in the country. Finance Minister Lim Guan Eng spoke at the 2020 budget meeting that the government is aware of the importance of esports and its potential. In addition to the possibility of its presence in the upcoming Olympics.

The Esports Strategic Development Plan focuses on five key strategies for the next five years and covers decision makers in this field, including professional players, industry drivers, investors and government agencies.

Malaysia has gained its reputation in the field of esports after the adoption of several large and important global events such as Kuala Lumpur Major in Dota 2 and the Mobile Legends World Championship and World Esports Games (WESG), where the Asian country has proved its ability to host global events efficiently making it a land Fertile for competitive video games.

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