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Malaysian university is giving courses in Dota 2

With the increasing popularity of competitive video gaming we saw many educational institutions starting to adapt the term Esports in its programs, and this Malaysian college is the latest in doing so.

Malaysia’s Asia Pacific University will offer students the chance to play Dota 2 as a curricular activity. “APU Esports Malaysia Academy Skills Certificate in Defense of the Ancients 2,” aims to teach students the fundamentals of gameplay in the MOBA, as well as educate students on the topic of esports. The course is 12-weeks long, and also aims to lecture on aspects such as how to establish healthy team dynamics, communication, and problem solving.

However, for students to apply for the program they have to live up to certain criteria, namely having a public matchmaking rating of 3,000 MMR just for the introductory course. Those who are unfortunate to inhabit the 2,000 MMR bracket still have to figure out how to make the climb from “terrible,” to “slightly less terrible,” all on our own.


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