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Meet the best FIFA player in the world Mohamad Al Bacha with our exclusive interview

You must have heard of his name before if you’re remotely interested in the most popular soccer game FIFA. Why? because “Mohamad” is considered to be the absolute best, winning last year’s World Cup in an insane final match.

We had the chance of sitting down with “Mohamad” and interviewing him. Here’s what he had to say:

– Sayed Mohamed I welcome you today with us on the site “Esports Middle East”. First of all, we would like to know who is behind the title of “World’s Best” in competitive FIFA with a brief overview of yourself.

I am 18 years old from Denmark with Lebanese and Syrian roots. In my daily day I study at highschool and I am about to finish it, and from summer on I am a fulltime professional FIFA player

– In the 2016 World Championship. You’ve really won the biggest FIFA event ever! The final moments of the final were among the most exciting moments in the history of FIFA without a doubt and ended in your favor after a great effort. How did you feel about winning that tournament that many people dream of getting to?

It was great, it was my goal to win the championsship, but never expected. It was excellent and best feeling ever!

– Let’s go back a bit here to before Mohammed the world champion. Tell us a little about your journey to the cup and some of the highlights on your way to it

I used to practise a lot online, playing Gfinity cups and online tournaments and just getting better constantly. I qualfied by winning 90 games without dropping a single point. My biggest highlight is that I had a penalty in the 90 minut, missed it and scored the rebound.

– Playing video games and participating in the competitive championships is still something that may be seen as a waste of time, especially friends and family, how was it for you and did you find enough support from your surroundings or was it something you have faith in continuing until the end?

At the start they thought it was a waste of time and I should focus on anything else but I kept doing it and today they understand it thankfully

– What’s your favorite Football team you cheer for and is it the same as the one you like to play in Fifa

I cheer for Real Madrid, but my choice of teams in FIFA has nothing to do with that.

– Your views on the arabic scene and do you follow any of it and is there a local player you follow

I don’t really follow it as its sadly not covered that much. But I am interested in the arabic scene.

– There has been lately a huge wave of football teams adopting FIFA Esports players like FC Schalke 04 and Paris Saint-Germain. If you had the chance, is there any team you look forward to join rather than others

I would like to join Real Madrid definitely. But let’s see what happens

– FIWC Championship for the current year has come close and you are undoubtedly preparing for it now, do we see “Mohammed Al Basha” again in the finals this year? How are your preparations and morale for this upcoming event?

We will see what the future brings. Inshallah I will qualify. Lets see!! I will play a lot to learn the mechanics

– A final word that you would like to convey to our followers in the Middle East and around the world.

Thanks a lot. Boshkor kolokom kteer. I appreciate everything and I represent the Arabic world as well!

Thank you very much Mr. Mohammed for this interview. We wish you all the best and we are waiting to see the news of your win again on different pages (including our page without a doubt)!

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