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More Arab stars shine in ESEA CS:GO Middle East league

We continue with you in our full coverage of the Middle East Championship from the CSGO ESEA Championship after having previously provided you with a summary of its start until 27 May.


A lot of matches have been played since then, and we will be together on a tour to see all the results of the league, and the teams that shine in it.

We start our article with May 28, where NASR eSports started out with a strong assertion that it is not an easy opponent in this league, and managed to break their opponent None Just Qatar with a score of 16-7.

The victory of Jokers Wild in the next game was not so easy, as Sector 7 eliminated fought alot for the winning cup without being able to reach the appropriate plan, to lose a score of 16-11.

Darks1de wanted to repeat the scenario and repeat the event again in their match against Dome-GG, where the game took the same turn as the previous game, ending 16-12 for the former team.

ArchNemesisSA scored a flawless 1-0 win against Non Just Qatar.

We move on to matches on May 29, in which a match between O9 and Que Club was played. The fight was tough and the results approach. There were very few opportunities for o9 to steal a few rounds from his opponent and win 16-12.

The matches of the past few days have been the same, as most of the matches we have mentioned so far have ended with the same result. We will come to add another match, which was between C4 and SUCKER PUNCH.

May 30 was a big day for the Arab League, with five games being played, the first with 5Gamers e-Sports in a scenario that is exactly the same we saw today, against Que Club 16-10.

The most difficult game of the day is the competition between Kuwait Empire and 90s. The draw was almost inevitable between the two, but somehow the first managed to climb two rounds to finally win the score 16-14.

Sector 7 achieved a much easier victory than the previous teams. Epic Gamers were not much of a trouble in front of the match, but instead managed to win the score of 16-8.

The contagion of the win went to IgnitionQa, who seemed to have walked the same path to win the match against Pongileez, winning 16-7.

What is next?

The league is still very strong as we see, and we are currently waiting for the following matches:

SUCKER PUNCH will play a match against freakss
SUCKER PUNCH will play a game against Jokers Wild
Dome-GG will play a match against freakss
Pongileez will play a match against 5Gamers e-Sports
IgnitionQa will play a match against Kuwait Empire
ArchNemesisSA will play a match against C4

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