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Mousesports give their best performance at EPL Season 10 to win the tournament

Do you remember when the German Mousesports team had a name that counted one thousand accounts? We will not blame you if you do not, because that was already many years ago, with the team in the back rows for the past two years at least when it comes to the major championships



This may not be the case today, as Mouse players have made a clear and explicit message that they are here to challenge the best teams in the world again, thanks to their improved new squad led by Finn “karrigan” Andersen, as the team played an impressive final match against the Fnatic Swedes, after defeating them. World number one Astralis hours ago to gain total dominance of the championship.

Fnatic, in turn, came from a strong game against Na’Vi to qualify for the final match in the ESL Pro League with its tenth season, as it almost got a new championship in its balance after winning in Dreamhack weeks ago. Unfortunately, the European team had a lookout with total control over the course of the match, ending the dream for “Flusha” and his teammates in second place.

The competition took place on Inferno, Train and Mirage maps, all of which got equal results with a clear advance for the German team in all with results of 16-11, 16-10 and 16-11, respectively. Although the squad only includes Robin “ropz” Kool and Chris “chrisJ” de Jong from the old squad, both players proved that they are still an important part of the team while achieving impressive results during the match.

There is no doubt that the victory of Mousesports in the event of CS: GO Asia Championship last month played a role in restoring confidence to the players again, especially since the victory that took place on the ground of China meant keeping the same squad, while a potential loss would almost result in some changes in the players, which Perhaps it would have resulted in a different result in this ESL Pro League.

With their defeats to Renegades, ATK, Evil Geniuses, Astralis and now Fnatic, the message is clear: Mousesports will be the main challengers by early 2020. Now, players will celebrate the massive $ 250,000 win, Intel Grand Slam Point and spot at IEM Katowice 2020. The team will be present to compete with a handful of global teams which are OG, FURIA, MIBR, G2 and Virtus.Pro next week at cs_summit, which will be the remaining outstanding highlight For the year 2019, which we will bid in less than three weeks.

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