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MSI is Announcing to sponsor the Middle East eSport Team, Valour eSports

[Dubai, UAE] MSI Middle East today announced its first official eSports franchise sponsorship with the Middle East local eSports Team, Valour eSports. MSI, dedicated to delivering the most innovative hardcore hardware for dedicated gamers, is now the professional sports organization’s exclusive sponsor of premium PC hardware including laptops, PC components, and more.

“The team over at MSI has shown the same values as Valour eSports in terms of commitment to building the competitive gaming community within the Middle East” said Jason Mann, Team Manager and Founder of Valour eSports. “We are excited to work along side of MSI, we feel this is only the first step in a journey to moving Middle East Esports to the Global eyes.”

In addition to supporting the team to cultivate their own fans and also win the tournament, MSI appears on the official Valour eSports jerseys for teams in the “Call of Duty,” “Counter-Strike: Global Offensive,” “Overwatch,” and “League of Legends”. The sponsorship also includes Valour player content for the MSI community and more.

“Valour eSports players and the organization as a whole represent the future of professional eSports in the region,” said Yang Haowen from MSI Middle East. “We find that a lot of passion gamer existing in the middle east, but they need the stage to show their talent. MSI is happy to build the stage and contributes what we can do. All kinds of the supporting are crucial to them in this developing phase. We are welcome Valour to join MSI family and excited to partner with them to further demonstrate our commitment to innovation and to developing superior technology for the passionate gaming community.”

MSI has been sponsoring professional eSports teams all around the world and has been instrumental in helping them achieve outstanding records on the world stage. Now, it seems like they want to duplicate their successful experience to the Middle East region. “Not only the professional team, in this year, we have started the Join The Dragon program in this region, which targets to sponsor amateur eSport teams,” said Yang. “Every amateur team can apply the sponsorship through the program, and we hope we can sponsor at least 7 teams in the Middle East within this year”

Professional gamers also give suggestions on what is important to them. These are valuable insights for MSI to stay ahead of the curve and to create better products for gamers.


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