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Multi-million dollars partnership deal signed between Super Evil Megacorp and Twitch for Vainglory

Mobile RPG game Vainglory have been dominating the smartphone competitive scene for quiet a time now, as The Autumn Championships alone attracted more than 1.5 million viewers on Twitch. Today a multi-million dollars partnership deal has been signed between Super Evil Megacorp and Twitch to further expand the esports side of the game.

Both Twitch and Super Evil are investing millions of dollars in this three-years deal. Even though no clear details were announced with the press release but North America and Europe will both benefit greatly thanx to the many events and Vainglory Championships to be held in them.

Twitch’s part of the deal includes promoting Vainglory Esports broadcast and streams to further expand the game’s presence. A dedicated team will also be built to help run Vainglory esports events and make official websites as well as handling merch and sponsorship.

“We’ve been working with Twitch since even before the global launch of Vainglory,” Super Evil Megacorp’s COO and executive director Kristian Segerstrale said in a press release. “By working with Twitch in this new and expanded capacity, we’re going to be able to bring our esports programming to the next level and provide better and more frequent coverage to our fans.”


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