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N0tail becomes the richest eSports player of all time with staggering amount of money

Earlier this week, OG’s historic win brought with it a number of records, and thanks to the biggest prize pool in history for The International 9, all members of the team have become the richest in the history of eSports led by “N0tail”




The Danish Dota 2 star has helped his team OG win their second consecutive title in the biggest ever esports tournament, and with a first-place prize money exceeding $ 15 million for this year and $ 12 million for last year, we were sure to see OG players top the list of the world’s richest players.

Indeed, the TI8 and TI9 champions have all become the five richest players in the history of esports with the least earner being “Topson” with $ 5,410,036 million, while “N0tail” came first with total prize money won of $ 6,886,181 million.

Total money won by OG players:

  • 1. N0tail $6,886,181.99
  • 2. JerAx $6,465,590.22
  • 3. ana $5,996,002.16
  • 4. Ceb $5,484,823.21
  • 5. Topson $5,410,036.37

Of course, other tournaments the team had participated in have contributed to those numbers to what they are, but the $ 3.1 million that each of the five players earned was inevitably the bulk of those numbers. Moving down a bit, we begin to see players of the second-placed Team Liquid who also won TI7, with Kuro “KuroKy” Takhasomi coming sixth with a total of $ 5,127,814 million, setting a record of 204 professional matches in Dota 2.

Looking at OG as a whole, the big win at The International 9 has contributed significantly to raising its name to the second place among the most profitable esports organizations, narrowly behind Team Liquid. Things become interesting when looking at the numbers of tournaments won by the two organizations. For 1595 tournaments won by Team Liquid through a large number of competitive games, OG won only 67 tournaments, making it the least winning organization in the top five with a gab of $ 10 million between them and Evil Geniuses who’ve made $ 22 million in 791 championships.

أغنى لاعب فيديو في العالم منظمات رياضة الكترونية esports organizations top 5 earning og ti9

With this new update to the list, it seems that Dota 2 now occupies the largest portion of winnings in the world of electronic sports, with Fortnite approaching little by little thanks to the victory of Kyle “Bugha” Giersdorf at Fortnite World Cup, coming in at the 13th place on the list of the richest players with just one tournament where he earned $ 3 million at the age of sixteen.

The growth of eSports prizes continues steadily as global interest in this relatively young phenomenon has increased, which has already surpassed the average number of tournament views for real sports such as basketball and hockey, confirming that it is here to remain and one of the most important sports of the future inevitably thanks to the great fame of the video games and digital entertainment.

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