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NBA Superstar Kobe Bryant is interested in Esports

He’s not the first athlete to think about joining the Esports world, but a name like Kobe Bryant’s will surely bring more fame to the industry undoubtedly. We saw Shaquille O’Neal being invested in Esports in the last couple of months as well as Rick Fox with his Echo Fox team, so would Kobe be the next NBA star to embrace competitive gaming investment?

As one of the NBA’s all time greats, Kobe Bryant recently retired from professional basketball when this season with the LA Lakers finally came to an end. So will we see him join his former team mates in the esports arena?

Interviewed by USA Today, Kobe was asked about esports when he attended and the NBA 2K World Championship in Downtown LA on Wednesday. Whilst he kept coy about when he’s going to do it, he admitted that he can’t help but be interested in this new competition.

” think people are really interested in watching people problem solve. It doesn’t matter what industry. People are very fascinated by that — seeing the struggles people go through and how they overcome it. I think this was just a matter of time before it caught fire. To be able to sit and watch a performance on TV and watch how the gamers are figuring out those challenges amongst themselves, you can’t help but be interested.”

Meanwhile, NBA 2K17 will have a special edition with Kobe on cover called “Legend Edition”. It comes with two Kobe Bryant cards as well as a poster and several in-game exclusive items, and it’s coming to PS4, Xbox One and PC this year.

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